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The Autolinks Manager plugin allows you to automatically convert specific keywords or phrases to links. So you can earn money with a referral system, sell more product, link keywords that are part of a glossary and more.

Features such as the customizable keyword matching system, detailed autolink statistics, bulk import of autolinks, link tracking, and the full support for the Gutenberg editor make this module the most advanced autolink plugin currently available for WordPress.

Advanced Autolinks

With 18 options per autolink and 50 general options you have the total control on the application of the autolinks. Customize the HTML of the generated links, the affected post types, categories and tags, set regular expressions options and more.

Detailed Statistics

Generate statistics about the autolinks applied in the posts, pages and custom post types of your blog. For each post you will be able to know the exact number of autolinks applied and the number of clicks generated with the autolinks.

Wizard Mode

Use this special menu to generate multiple autolinks in a single operation, import existing autolinks available in a spreadsheet document, create multiple autolinks with the same keyword or create multiple autolinks with the same URL.

Link Tracking

Track every single click made by your visitors on your autolinks. Information such as the IP address of the user that performed the click, the date on which the autolink has been clicked, and a reference to the post that includes the autolink will be available.

Gutenberg Ready

Select on which Gutenberg blocks the autolinks should be applied. This feature allows you to be very precise in the application of the autolinks and avoid any kind of issue associated with the application of autolinks on specific Gutenberg blocks.

Import and Export

The import and export feature available in Autolinks Manager allows you to archive you collections of autolinks as XML files, so you can backup your autolinks, move your autolinks between different websites and more.

Multisite Ready

Feel free to install this plugin in a single WordPress installation or in a WordPress multisite environment. Single activations, network activations or activations on single sub-sites of the network are supported.

Multilanguage Ready

Autolinks Manager comes by default in English and Italian, if you want to translate the plugin in another language simply create a translation file or manually translate it with a multilanguage plugin.

Additional Information

  • The autolinks support custom values for the title, target and nofollow attributes
  • Advanced matching options such as Case Sensitive Search, Left Boundary, Right Boundary, Keyword Before, Keyword After, Maximum Number of Matches and Priority are available for each keyword
  • The autolinks can be applied only on specific posts, pages or custom post types when needed
  • The autolinks can be applied only on specific categories, tags or custom taxonomy terms when needed
  • A test mode that allows you to privately test (without actually publishing the changes) the application of the autolinks is available
  • The Random Prioritization system allows you to improve the distribution of the autolinks in the posts
  • The maximum number of autolinks allowed in the same post can be determined with a fixed value or automatically calculated based on the length of the post
  • The maximum number of autolinks that have the same target can be limited with the Same URL Limit option
  • The application of autolinks inside specific tags can be limited with the Protected Tags option
  • The autolinks can be stored in custom defined categories
  • The Autolinks Manager meta-box allows you to disable the application of autolinks on specific posts
  • Keywords with the related URLs available in other autolink plugins or in spreadsheet documents can be bulk imported through the Wizard menu
  • The link tracking feature is optional and can be disabled if needed
  • The autolinks and the related statistics are generated with regular expressions, no external services are involved
  • Supports Unicode UTF-8 and can be used with websites in any language
  • Granular control on the access to the various part of the plugin by the website users is provided through the use of capabilities
  • Programmed with OOP techniques
  • Commented code
  • Includes a complete manual with related video tutorials
  • WordPress 4.5 and later versions are supported
  • PHP 5.3 and later versions are supported
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