WooCommerce Order Status Manager By SkyVerge

WooCommerce Order Status Manager By SkyVerge v1.15.2

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Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses Completely Integrated into your Workflow
The WooCommerce Order Status Manager allows you to create, edit, and delete custom order statuses and integrate them seamlessly into your WooCommerce order management flow. You can also edit core order statuses and trigger new order emails based on status changes.

Custom order statuses will be used in your orders list, and can even be integrated into the order actions or bulk actions for a completely seamless fulfillment workflow.
Why Use WooCommerce Order Status Manager?
  • Create new order statuses and add icons or action buttons
  • Display order status descriptions to customers on the “View Order” page to explain order status
  • Edit WooCommerce core statuses to set a “next status” for new action buttons
  • Use “Next Statuses” to create a seamless fulfillment workflow and add order action buttons
  • Add bulk actions for new statuses in the orders list
  • Drag and drop orders statuses to re-order the way they’re shown in your admin
  • Use status icons instead of text badges in the “Orders” list NEW
  • Include orders with custom statuses in shop reports
  • Mark order statuses as “Paid” to include download links, purchase notes, or other features when customers view these orders
  • Mark order statuses as “requires payment” to show “Pay” and “Cancel” links to customers NEW
  • Add new order emails, which can be triggered based on status changes
  • Edit new email content via new templates
  • Import existing custom statuses from custom code or other plugins
  • Safely delete custom statuses without losing orders
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    Fix - Do not query order refunds when generating download permissions in upgrade routine
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    2022.11.29 - version 1.14.0 * Misc - Require PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.6
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    Download WooCommerce Order Status Manager v1.13.4 Nulled Free 2022.08.01 - v1.13.4 * Fix -...

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