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YITH WooCommerce Account Funds v1.4.9

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Do you know the best way to manage your customers’ loyalty?

You certainly do! You surely have already put all the most efficient techniques into practice in order to ensure your customers will come back to your store for their purchases.

You will have set in motion all the nuts and bolts to make them happy and satisfied, but…there is something else you could do and you probably don’t know about yet.

Have you ever thought that your regular customers could also pay before purchasing a product or a service? Do you think this is absurd?

There is an incredible new method to manage customer loyalty! It is used by several companies working on the web, companies selling hosting or online translation services, texts writing, etc. They have learned that by offering to customers a funds deposit service, their sales conversion on services and products will naturally increase.
With our YITH WooCommerce Account Funds you could do even more. To help you manage your customer loyalty, you could guarantee a discount for them for each purchase payed through the funds deposit. In this way your regular customer will automatically load money on your store and you will collect sold items beforehand.
Thanks to one simple plugin you will be able to:
  • Customer will buy for as long as they run out of funds and they will tend to deposit more money in case it wasn’t enough for their last purchase
  • Increase the average value for each single customer – Offering a discount to incentivate depositing funds you will increase the average purchase value in your store, going from one single purchase to two, three and more!
  • Keep your customers loyal – Having money deposited in your website will make customers want to spend a lot of time in it, which will also increas your conversion rate.
YITH WooCommerce Account Funds is one of those plugins which represents a step forward for both customers and vendors. It means that customers need to make a single payment and have the chance to use discounts, while sellers… well, need I say more?
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