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Multi-vendor e-commerce is a new idea of an e-commerce platform that is becoming more and more popular on the web, just think of websites such Etsy, Amazon and Ali Express, which are setting the new trend for online shopping. This offers customers a higher number of products from different suppliers and therefore a wider selection.

If you have an e-commerce you might consider the possibility to make it a multi-vendor shop. Owners of multiple product vendor websites have the huge advantage of getting passive earnings because they earn a commission on each sale. Consider, the more vendors in your websites, the more sales, the more you can earn without lifting a finger. In addition to that, the more vendors, the more traffic is brought to your site and the more its positioning improves.
It’s like a virtuous circle, vendors take traffic and sales, your site becomes stronger and it gets a better and better positioning, then more and more vendors are interested in selling in your platform and in benefiting from endlessly increasing traffic. And it’s all easy earning for you!
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