How Am Making $$$, Running a Currated Job Posting Site As a Side Hustle

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Feb 4, 2020
I Started this Side Hustle in November 2022. I wanted to try something new. This post is more like a motivation for people still struggling to make money online.


1. Domain Name (you can use a free one, but will be nice if you can afford $10 0r less for a .com domain name)

2. Web Hosting -
Here if you are on a tight budget or you do not have enough cash you can try the one year or 6 month free google cloud wordpress hosting or use the free amazon cloud hosting. I started with the free one. Not that I don't have cash to buy hosting, but I wanted to spend as little money as possible to see how things will work out. There are so many tutorials on the net and youtube on how to launch and host a wordpress site using any of the free tier clouds. but if you have enough, you can still purchase a hosting plan. There are so many cheap and reliable ones from Babiato marketplace. The choice is yours. One advantage of cloud hosting is that the speed of your website is guaranteed.

3. All the plugins and themes I used are either from Babiato or free once. And they are working perfectly well.

some of the basic plugins you need are:

a. WP Automatic for curating jobs from different sites based on your niche or country. pick a particular niche or target a city for a start. it will help a lot.

b. Wordfence security plugins from Babiato

c. WP Related Post (free)

d. Akismet Anti-Spam

e. WP Telegram

f. Rank Math SEO

4. As for the themes you can get very nice job board themes from this Forum. Just use the search bar, and the sky will be your limit.

5. then download telegram and whatsapp apps both for android and desktops. but everything can still be done using your android phone, the only limitation is that it will consume a little more time.

After launching your free cloud hosting or paid hosting (the choice is yours), install wordpress and all the needed plugins I listed above. There are so many tutorials on how to go about it. Remember to connect your telegram to your wordpress so that whenever you publish your post, it will appear on your telegram channel, and your subscribers will visit your sites if they are interested and qualified

How to Get Traffic

As for the traffic, I converted one of my instagram accounts that has been dormant since into my job board account, and changed the account to a professional one. Make sure to name your account using the name of your website. Then I was following 60 people every hour. and i was also publishing job opportunities on my instagram accounts. Just go to instagram and search for all the popular job boards sites in your country. try to follow their followers, like and comment and with time most of them will follow you back. I know some of you would think why would anyone follow a new instagram account just like that? this is where Value and niche specific comes into play. first you can choose a particular job niche that is in high demand in you area. it can be for example, latest jobs in california, or something like that. start from small, then with time as you gain attention, you can expand to other niches. Anybody who is based in, say New York or who studies accounting will be more likely to follow you back.
Giving Value- you can find a way to offer them something for free. for instance, in a country where so many job boards are offering CV services for a prize, you can decide to offer it for free. In my case I am targeting young graduates and you know most of them are novice when it comes to writing resumes and cover letters, So I used free resume and cover letter templates to make them join my instagram and telegram channels. You can still use other Social media like facebook, instagram, linkedin etc. Look for what works for you. In my case, instagram works best for me. within one week on instagram, i was totalling 400 followers, and my telegram channel was 250+ counting. This is because people just love free stuff, even those who have money to pay, would preffer to try the free one first. This is a very big secret in getting traffic and subscribers.

Finally when you start getting enough traffic, Google would start indexing your websites in search engines and you would start getting free traffic from google.


you can use adsense, Companies and firms will start contacting you for partnerships and sponsorship. When you start making enough money, you can use virtual assistance to do all the jobs for you. your work will just be Supervise them, and bring new innovations. You can even promote products as an affiliate and make more money.

I will keep this thread updated with time.


Like I said earlier, this is a side hustle which I started last November to see how things work, and I was impressed by the results I am getting. SO GO AND MAKE THE $$$$$$$, and stop crying for money.

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Am open to questions.

Next time when am less busy, i will share another idea how I sarted a prifitable youtube channel and get monitized within 2 weeks. (My strategy will be revealed.) stay tuned
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Sep 16, 2019
Great guide bro. Thank you for sharing. I also have idea to create job board website your post inspired me to do.
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